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At AMR Consults, we are proud to celebrate our Second Anniversary!

Our specialty is in Flood Warning and Emergency Planning Services, but we also serve a broad range of Water Resources needs.

A Brief about Us

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The staff of AMR Consults have nearly 30 years of experience consulting with communities in Texas, the US and Internationally. Whether you have urgent flood issues, or long range water resource planning needs, we can help. Please contact us and learn how our experience and skills can help you to meet your community's needs.

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Communication is the real key to realizing long term success with a project.  AMR Consults works with clients to implement communication procedures for each project, with a goal of keeping all stakeholders appropriately informed and involved with with the project.  These stakeholders can include communities, regulatory agencies, consultants, vendors and the public.

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Quality Assurance

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Quality assurance is an integral component for any successful project or program. With a goal of eliminating or reducing the opportunity for errors, we work with clients to implement the appropriate level of review procedures for each project.

AMR Consults is able to enhace its own staff through existing project partners, teaming with peers across the globe, and can provide guidance to client staff, allowing them to more fully participate.